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Louise Salsbury

Louise and I worked together for over 25 years, making colourful pottery and tiles, and travelled all over the country to fairs and festivals to set up our stall and sell our work.

I don't think my life in ceramics would have happened without her, and the Ceramics in Charnwood market would not have happened for the last 10 years without her drive and enthusiasm in getting it started.

Although Louise died from breast cancer in 2016 her memory lives on in her work. 

So if you have one of her pots or tile panels, look after it. It was made with love...


Louise demonstrating pressed leaf tiles on her course at the Gardeners Bothy, Staunton Harold

1-Louise Salsbury Impressed plates.JPG

Plates pressed with a variety of poppy seed heads.. a Louise speciality


Impressed oak leaf spray tile in polished frame


'Love Grows' multi-tile panel using leaves, seeds and stamps


Louise at Potfest in the pens.


One of Louise's ceramic gift tags. 


Poppyhead tiles


A Louise classic blue daisy bowl

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